Ski & Snowboard Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2017 Deals

The 2017/18 ski season is underway and what better way to kick it off than with some new gear. We’ve reviewed the best deals on skis, snowboards, boots and clothing.

Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2017 ski and snowboard deals aren’t here yet. This page will continue to be updated with links to ski & snowboard deals.

Ski Deals & Sales

Last Black Friday was great for savings on skis. We saw 25% off Salomon Q-85 2015 skis, 16% off Atomic cloud skis and 10% off Armada skis. The fact that the last few seasons in the West have been on the dry side means there’s an overstock of hardgoods at most major ski retailers. This is great for Black Friday deals on skis and means we should see heavy discounts on older 2015 models in particular.

Snowboard Deals & Sales

Black Friday 2015 saw discounts as deep as 70% on a wide range of snowboards and bindings. This year should be no different and online retailers have already held pre Black Friday sale with 50% off snowboards from major companies like DC, Rossignol and Burton. If you’re looking to pick up a quality snowboard on a budget than Black Friday is a great option – we’re expecting to see a range of boards from DC, Sapient and Rossignol on sale for under $100. As with the ski gear, the dryness experienced in the West in the last few seasons means retailers are overstocked with boards and skis and will be looking to free up shelf space in time for the 2016/17 season.

Ski & Snowboard Jackets

Last year we saw great deals on ski and snowboard jackets, like the Marmot Tech jacket that was slashed from $120 down to $80 at Paragon Sports. Spyder ran a 20% off sale all Black Friday week and Quiksilver offered 20% off their snow clothing range for 2 weeks, starting on the monday before Black Friday. One of our favorite ski jacket deals last year was from Columbia who discounted their popular Whirlbird Interchange jacket by 47% on Black Friday & Cyber Monday. The rest of Columbia’s range was available for 25% off too. Not to be outdone, North Face also got involved in Black Friday and took 29% off the price off select clothing like the Mountain View Triclimate jacket for women.

Ski & Snowboard Boots

Buying ski & snowboard boots online is a great way to save a tonne of money on your ski holiday. Quite possibly the most important part of your gear, its really important to choose a boot that fits well and is comfortable. If you’re after a pair of ski boots then we recommend heading into a shop and trying out a few different sizes and styles of ski boots to get a feel for what you like. Different brands tend to make boots that fit different foot shapes better, and there’s nothing worse than spending a day on the mountain in boots that are causing you pain. Though it’s important to note that most boots will cause a little pain to start with and it often takes at least a week to wear in a pair of boots – its better to get a tight pair that cause a little discomfort to start with than settle for a bigger pair that don’t provide as much control while out on the slopes.

Choosing snowboard boots is a lot simpler as there doesn’t tend to be as many issues with discomfort. Snowboard boots are way more comfortable to wear than ski boots and a lot cheaper too. On Black Friday last year Amazon slashed prices of popular snowboard boots from all the big brands.

Ski Goggles

There’s a lot of choice when it comes to ski goggles and its important to pick a pair with a good lens. On Black Friday 2015 our favorite deals on ski goggles were from Smith and Quiksilver, who both offered 20% off. If your budget is a little higher then Electric make some really well designed goggles, particularly if your into the bug style that gives a wider viewing angle. Last Black Friday Electric offered 20% off their range of goggles.

Snowmobiles & Gear

Buying a snowmobile is a lot like buying a car – you can either shop at a licensed dealer and pay upwards of $10,000 for a new snowmobile, or you can buy a used snowmobile for closer to the $2,000 mark. Our favorite place to shop for Black Friday deals on snowmobiles is eBay. The online auction site is well known for its massive Black Friday & Cyber Monday sales across all their products and snowmobiles are no exception. Whether you’re looking for a beginner snowmobile or a performance, mountain or crossover model you’re best bet for a Black Friday deal will be eBay.


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