Moto X4 Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2017 Deals

The Moto X4 is a brilliant mid-range smartphone with dual-rear facing cameras and Amazon Alexa’s assistant. We will be hunting out the best Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals on the Moto X4 here shortly

Moto X4 Black Friday

The new Moto X4 is a fantastic new device showing a real change in Motorola’s smartphone game. This X4 really is a beautifully simple design with a beautiful contoured design and a smart glass finish on its back. It boasts a powerful 16 MP front camera, perfect for us selfie loving folk and a dual rear camera system which brings the potential for better wide-angle photos and crazy portraits. Finally, you can bring along your personal assistant as Motorola have teamed up with Amazon by bringing Alexa assistant to the phone. We will be posting the best deals on the Moto X4 here very soon.

Moto X4 black friday cyber monday

Moto X4 Cyber Monday

Moto X4 Black Friday Cyber MOnday

What can we expect an everyday experience of the Moto X4 to be like? Well, we know it’s going to be durable as far its harware goes. With its Qualcomm Snapdragon 630 processor you can expect strong data connection with quick download speeds. We also now know it will have an all day 3000 mAh battery so you won’t have to be worrying about trapsing around with your chargers all the time. Oh and if you do have a mini disaster and lose grip of your Moto X4 you shouldn’t worry about it plunging into water as it will be IP68 Water Resistant – great news! With all the hype around Black Friday some of us forget there’s another exciting sales bonanza on the horizon, Cyber Monday. We are expecting great Moto X4 Cyber Monday discounts this year.