Cyber Friday 2016: The Best Black Friday Deals Will Be Online

The shift towards online shopping on Black Friday is set to continue this year with big retailers announcing their plans to start Black Friday sales online.

This week we saw Black Friday ads leak from Kohl’s, Sam’s Club and Dell. Kohl’s Black Friday deals start online on Monday November 21, three days before their in-store sale which begins on Thanksgiving. Sam’s Club’s Black Friday sale actually starts on Black Friday, but you’ll be able to shop their deals online a day earlier. Dell, whose Black Friday ad has generated the most excitement with a $99 laptop and the best Xbox One S bundle deal we’ve seen so far, will be running their Black Friday sale online on Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

Their will be a major shift to internet sales this year

This doesn’t mean the end of Black Friday. Just a transition towards Cyber Friday. Forbes have forecast that there will be a major shift to internet sales this year. This is backed up by customer survey data, with 47% of 1000 shoppers surveyed in 2016 indicating that they will skip Black Friday and shop online for deals instead.

Last year Cyber Monday was the biggest day of spending in the US and e-commerce giants Amazon and eBay saw web traffic spike to record highs. The bulk of the best deals this year are likely to be found in the marketplace of online stores, where Amazon and eBay have aggregated thousands of vendors to sell their wares. They’re also likely to be spread across the entire week, starting the Monday before Black Friday (11/21) and ending after Cyber Monday (11/28).

This is good news for those who hate dealing with crowds in store on Black Friday. And great news for our hospitals – here’s to hoping that the Black Friday death count continues to fall.