Canon Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2017: Predicting the best DSLR deals

What will the best Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals on Canon cameras be for 2017?

Our team have compared the best deals available last year with live price data on the most popular Canon DSLR cameras to predict the deals that shoppers will be able to enjoy in 2017.

When is Black Friday 2017?

This year Black Friday lands on November 24 and Cyber Monday on November 27. In addition to hundreds of exclusive deals on laptops and smart TVs, Black Friday is also the best day of the year for photography enthusiasts. If you’ve been waiting to pick up a new Canon DSLR for a while now, it might well be worth holding out one more month to see what Black Friday & Cyber Monday discounts the big online retailers have in store for us.

What deals can we expect on Canon cameras this year? Our team have made some informed predictions about the Black Friday deals we might see this year on the most popular Canon cameras.

Last years best Canon Black Friday deals

Last year we saw all the big retailers offer discounts on Canon cameras for Black Friday. Whilst most ran with deals on the bestselling EOS Rebel 6 DSLR, Best Buy also offered significant price cuts on the EOS Rebel T6i and EOS 80D.

StoreBlack Friday PriceLensesExtras
EOS Rebel T6Best Buy$599 ($699)18-55mm & 70-300mmCamera bag & 32GB memory card
EOS Rebel T6Target$449 ($749)18-55mm & 70-300mmCamera bag & 16GB memory card
EOS Rebel T6Kohl’s$449 ($749)18-55mm & 70-300mmCamera bag & $135 Kohl’s cash*
EOS Rebel T6Walmart$449 ($749)18-55mm & 70-300mmCamera bag & 16GB memory card
EOS Rebel T6iBest Buy$799 ($1199)18-55mm & 55-250mmCamera bag & 32GB memory card
EOS 80DBest Buy$1399 ($1799)18-135mm

EOS Rebel T6

Rebel T6 Black Friday Cyber Monday

Current price: $449
Black Friday 2017 Prediction: $349 – $399

An entry level DSLR camera suitable for smartphone upgraders and first time ILC users, the EOS Rebel T6 has an 18MP sensor and a faster processor than its predecessor, the Rebel T5.

As is often the case with Rebel DSLRs, the T6 integrates hardware from previous generation high end models. You’ll find1080/30p video, a 9-point AF module, 1080/30p video and Wi-Fi with NFC for easy photo sharing when you’re on the road.

How about the battery life? The T6 offers a very respectable 500 shots per charge, shooting it to the top of its class. It’s closest competitor is the Nikon D3300, which came out in 2014 and is starting to feel a little dated.
What Black Friday deals can we expect on the Rebel T6 this year? Well, if last year is anything to go by then expect doorbuster deals from all the big retailers. Last year Kohl’s ran the best bundle deal, offering the camera with a bag and $135 in Kohl’s cash coupons for $449. This made the effective price of the camera $314, provided you’re OK with spending $135 in coupons.

This year expect Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals on the T6 in the region of $349 to $399. It’s a year older now and the average selling price of the camera online has dropped to around the $450 mark this year. Expect lots of bundle deals too, particularly with the 18-57mm and 70-300mm lenses.

EOS Rebel T5

Rebel T5 Black Friday Deals

Current price: $359
Black Friday 2017 Prediction: $299

The Rebel T5 is the predecessor to the T6, but is still an entry level DSLR worth considering in 2017. We’ve been tracking the price of the Rebel T5 live on Amazon.

As shown in the graph and tables above, the price of the EOS Rebel T5 has dropped from $389 to $359 in the past couple of weeks. Is this an early sign of Black Friday price drops? It’s difficult to say at this point, but our team are predicting the price of the Rebel T5 will hit $299 on Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2017.


Canon 80D Cyber Monday 2017

Current price: $1249
Black Friday 2017 Prediction: $1099

The Canon EOS 8D has an impressive 24MP sensor, making it a higher end DSLR. In terms of image processing, the 80D has a Digic 6. That’s what processes the files inside the camera, and Canon is currently up to Digic 7 in some of its newer cameras.

Last year Best Buy offered a Black Friday deal on the EOS 80D. They slashed the price of the 80D bundled with a 18 – 55 mm lens from $1799 to $1399. This year we’ve seen the online price of the 80D tumble. As of the date of publication of this article, the 80D is retailing for $1249 on Amazon. We expect the best Black Friday 2017 deals on the 80D to hit the $1099 mark this year.

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