Boosted Board Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2017 Deals

I love Boosted boards. They’re a revolution for the electric skateboard market. With a second generation board now available and their popularity skyrocketing in the last year, I’ve rounded up the best deals for Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2017.

Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2017 Boosted board deals aren’t here yet. This page will continue to be updated with links to Boosted deals.


Boosted are leading the electric skateboard market with a range of boards that combine top of the line hardware with a classic design that resembles traditional longboards. Founded in California in 2012, Boosted raised close to $500K in a Kickstarter campaign that led to the development of their initial board, called the Boosted Board.

Four years later and the company have just started shipping their second generation of boards to customers in the US & Canada. Prices start at $999 for the 1000W Boosted Single board and reach $1499 for their top of the range 2000W Dual+ board. Not cheap by any means, but Boosted are marketing their boards as a viable alternative to cars in busy cities.

Boosted Board V1 Deals

Boosted V1 Dual+: Check price on eBay

The first generation Single, Dual and Dual+ Boosted boards have been superseded by 2nd generation versions with improved water resistance, extra battery life (optional) and upgraded Bluetooth connectivity between the remote and board. Although these boards are still three of the best electric longboards on the market, consumer attention is quickly switching to the next generation. Boosted and their retailers will be looking to shift old stock and Black Friday weekend is a retailer’s best opportunity to do so.

Boosted Board V2 Deals

Boosted V2: Check price on eBay

Unfortunately it’s highly unlikely that we’ll be see any huge Friday 2016 deals on Boosted’s second generation boards. They are so new to the market that Boosted will most likely stick to these price points for at least twelve months, as they did for the previous generation of boards. eBay is going to be the best place to pick up a bargain Boosted board

More likely than price cuts for second generation boards is retailers offering Boosted V2 boards in Black Friday bundle deals with accessories like spare remotes, batteries or gift vouchers. We’ll have to wait until Black Friday 2017 to see significant price cuts on their latest range of boards.